The Siberian Husky has been part of South African life for many years, but as the demand for these magnificent dogs increase, so it brings with it the sad practice of puppy farming and bad breeding principles. We are hoping to educate and inform potential Siberian owners about our wonderful breed so as to avoid the problem of having more Siberians looking for good homes than good homes looking for more Siberians.

The authors of this site have a real interest in the Siberian and wish to acknowledge the fact that much of the information we provide has been gleened from many sources. We hesitate to claim any authority; it is just a love for these dogs that we express in this manner.
The Siberian Husky is a medium-sized working dog who is quick and light on his feet; free and graceful in action. His moderately compact and well furred body, erect ears and brush tail suggest his Northern heritage. His characteristic gait is smooth and seemingly effortless.
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